This must be the place

Hello to the Future! An Ode to Our Home, and Moving Upward

Good evening, dear readers, and welcome back!

These past few months have been kind of bananas, and here is why: Thomas and I are moving back to my hometown tomorrow! I literally cannot believe it.

While we loved our old home, something didn’t feel quite right, and we needed to make a change. Thomas was simply too far from his job, and I felt so far away sometimes, even though we were pretty close to town. It was almost a perfect fit. I can’t describe what shifted…just, something wasn’t working. Homes are emotional spaces for me, and things weren’t slotting together as well as I had imagined. I was hoping the feeling would dissipate with Violet’s arrival, but it made our being here feel more incongruous, almost: the flow of the day wasn’t working for us as a family. Don’t get me wrong: our home is lovely and wonderful, but in this season of our life, Thomas and I felt like we needed something different.

However… I will truly miss our home. I had always thought we would be here for at least 20 years. When we purchased the home, I wrote a letter to the previous owners, about how I knew I would raise my children there, and how in my dreams of the home, Thomas and I were growing old there together.

So here is my ode to this home: I developed my interior design sense here, learned to work with what I had and how to budget for what I wanted. I set up nurseries, staged rooms, built out a bar, maintained a property. We brought both our babies home here. We discovered how to really keep house here: we made mistakes, fought, learned, and evolved as people and as a couple here. We made a family here. All these things through a shelter we call a house. I hope I can always carry these lessons with me as we move on and up.

So… about our new home: it is nothing like our old home. It is open floor plan, even though it was built by a German architect in 1911. It is in the Spanish Mediterranean style, and is incredibly lovely and sunny. When I stepped inside, I knew Thomas would love it as much as I did; it feels old world European… the opposite of a colonial. Set on a hill in a quiet association on a dead-end street, there are kids who run around in the early evening and who have lemonade stands in the summer. There is a full basement playroom in which our daughters can learn and grow, in their own space. We are two minutes from the main street in town, and are walking distance to the library. Our children will grow up in the town I grew up in, something I didn’t realize was important to me until it became an option.

Our sunny new home!

Something is snapping into place for us as a family, coming into sharper focus; there is some sense of home and future in a more mature way than at our old home. Maybe there is an existential sense of belonging that comes with returning to the place you grew up, like closing a circle. Maybe this is what they call “growing up,” though perhaps the change comes from having more confidence in your decisions for your family. They may be one and the same.

Whatever it is, however we’ve gotten here, I know: this must be the place. To quote Peppa Pig, “Hello to the future!”

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